The Adoration of the Magi

The Master of Anderlecht - or School or Circle of Jheronimus Bosch

Triptych - closed: left Saint Peter, right Mary Magdalene (see The Adoration of the Magi - closed)

Location: Anderlecht (Belgium) - Erasmushouse

The Master of Anderlecht, which is probably around Bosch was employed, is the first qualify as maker, because different properties of the technique can be found in this painting. Also the possible legislative term, namely short after 1510, gives light. Th middle panel, whose composition by some 20 Followers is painted, is based on the painting in the Prado. A similar drawing of Saint Peter on the outside of the left panel is included in the Collection of the Foundation P. and N. de Boer in Amsterdam

History: In 1844 by the Collegiate Church of St. Peter and Guido in loan to the Erasmus House. The triptych was mentioned earlier in this church, but is removed during the French Revolution look like to avoid damage.


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Oil on panel

Size in cm:

Central panel 78 x 62; Side panels 80,5 x 26,5

Image source:

Website ‘ of Jheronimus Bosch Adoration of the Magi Anderlecht’. Also website ‘RKD-Kunstwerknr. 56485, 0000111371’

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