Christ; Carrying the Cross; Bearing the Cross; The Way to Calvary: Christ led to the Cross

Lambert Lombard (1505-1566) - After

c. 1560

Location : London (England), British Museum

Publised by Hieronymus Cock - Print made by Cornelis Cort.

There is no known drawing by Bosch that was used as a model for this plate, but it is clear on stylistic grounds, as well as from the lettering, that Lambert Lombard is responsible for the figures in the foreground. A pen drawing by Lambert Lombard (in reverse; signed and dated 1556) is in the Fondation Custodia, Paris,; it is probably made after a now lost composition by Bosch.

Similar images from Lambert Lombard can be seen for example in the Library of the University in Liege (Belgium), the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Noordbrabants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Godelieve Denhaene, 'Lambert Lombard. Renaissance et Humanisme à Liège', Antwerp, 1990, p.314, no.26 and ill.272; G. Denhaene, in J. van Grieken - G. Luijten - J. van der Stock, "Hieronymus Cock: The Renaissance in Print", Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels and Fondation Custodia in Paris, New Haven and London, 2013,

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Engraving on paper

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32,2 x 40,4

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