Christ; Carrying the Cross; Bearing the Cross; The Way to Calvary: Christ led to the Cross

Quentin Massys (1466-1530) - also called Matsys or Metsys


Location : Amsterdam - Netherlands - Rijksmuseum (objectnummer SK-A-4048)
From 2004 - 2008 lent to the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht

Origin: Before 1934 in possession of P & D Colnaghi in London, which it sold to Isaac de Bruijn. Together with his wife, Johanna G. van der Leeuw, they have the painting in 1961 donated to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. From 1963 to 1997 it is loaned to the Mauritshuis in the Hague and from 2004 to the Bonnefanten Museum.

Note: Noteworthy is the wooden block with nails at the foot of Christ, as also on the painting by Jheronimus Bosch. In Dutch ‘Blok aan het been’, an expression meaning ‘charge at the continue’

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Oil on wood

Size in cm:

83 x 59

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