Christ; Christ before Pilate or Chris Before Hannas


c. 1520

Location : Sao Paulo - Brasil - Museu de Arte de São Paulo

Derived from the painting in Princeton

History: In 1930 passed from Galerie Matthiesen in Berlin to Art Dealer Goudstikker in Amsterdam. Then to Art Dealer Heimann in New York. From 1966 in private property (collection Loebl?) in New York, then donated to the museum of Alberto Suares Sampaoi. In the website ‘’ is written that the painting in 1951 in possession of the Museum has come, trough Art Dealer Durand-Matthiesen in Genève)

Note: Derived from the table by Princeton UAM in Princeton (USA).

According to the website of the Museum created by (a follower of ) Bosch.


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Oil on wood

Size in cm:

61 x 77,5 (Unverfehrt and RKD 61,5 x 75

Image source:

Website '' – Bosch seguidor – Cristo Perante Pilatos’. Also website RKD: Kunstwerknr. 59411; 0000111452

Unverferth category:

86 - Ill. 76