The Temptation of Saint Anthony

Marcellus Coffermans (1520-1575)

c. 1549-1575 (active)

Two wings of the 'Temptation of St Anthpny' from Lisbon on one panel.

Location: Hazebrouck - France - Musée des Augustines (Musée Municipal D 73-3)

Origi: In 1943 of an anonymous bought by Drouot in Paris. On 26 June 1944 purchased by NIMA Hakimi, Paris from an unknown. Versteigerungs-Anstatt from Vienna through art dealers in possession by the Fuhrer Museum in Linz. Then transferred to the Central collecting point in Munich (inventory number 5007). In 1949 returned to Yugoslavia. On unknown date returned in France. In 1951 is the property of the Louvre in Paris by l'Office les Biens Intérets private beach, several. In 1961 transferred to the Musée Municipal in Hazebrouck.

Notes: striking: the Group of five clergymen on the way to the Inn, a situation that exist on more paintings of Followers. This is in contrast to the original, where the Group of 4 people exists!!.


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Oil on panel

Size in cm:

52,2 x 38,8

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Website '' - After Jheronimus Bosch 019

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