The Temptation of Saint Anthony



Location : Brussels (Belgium), private collection

Signed. Three inside panels from Lisbon on one panel.

History: Belonged, after an auction in 1920 at Muller in Amsterdam, to a private collection in Valladolid and was spotted by Friedländer in an Amsterdam Art Dealership in 1944. Then in 1947 at Art Dealer J. Gans in The Hague/Nice and was on May 19/21, 1953, lot no. 328, auctioned from the collection of dr. L.D. van den Hengel from Arnhem by D. Katz from Ellecom (Rheden). On December 14, 1953, lot no. 3 auctioned as a Jheronimus Bosch by Art Dealer Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels.
According Unverfehrt (cat. 89 c/f) the painting was signaled at Finck in Brussels in 1965.

Probably the same painting as at Art Trade Palais de Beaux Arts in Paris, 1953.

See also Fiedländer 1927 nr. 90 (Unknown Artdealer in Amsterdam)

For the first time exphibited at the exhibition ‘Fables du Paysage Flamand’ in Lille 2012/2113.


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Oil on Baltic oak

Size in cm:

58 x 66,3

Image source:

Book 'Fables du Paysage Flamand', 2012 , page 179

Unverferth category:

89c/f- Ill. 9