The Temptation of Saint Anthony


c. 1500-1550

Location: Sao Paulo - Brasil - Museu de Arte de São Paulo

The painting is a copy of the central panel in Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon

History: Sevilla, Convent (Monastery) of Santa Sofia, afterwards (1936) Art Dealer d’Atri in Paris. Donated by Knoedler New York. Acquired by the founder of the Museum, Assis Chateaubriand and ended up in he Museum in 1954.

Note:By some experts (incl. Friedlander) as an Historical Bosch regarded, which even before the triptych from Lisbon.


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Oil on panel

Size in cm:

128,5 x 102

Image source:

Website ' - Bosch – tentacoesstoantao01’ and RKD: Kunstwerknr. 56668; 0000111394 and ‘ –

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45 - Ill. 2