Christ crowned with Thorns Triptych - Passion Triptych;



Location : Valencia (Spain), Museo de Belles Artes

Around 1540 in the Tomb Chapel of Mencia the Mendozas, the chapel “de los Reyes” in the Dominican monastery in Valencia. From 1835 in the current collection.
The painting is signed on middle panel in the Gothic thesis: ‘jheronimus Bosch’. The composition of the central panel is similar to the eponymous painting in the Escorial and in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The composition of the left panel can also be seen in San Diego, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and at Art Dealer Fiviez in Brussels in 1924 and a dozen other followers.

According to Unverfehrt would in 1911 a similar triptych (137 x 188) for sale in the Spanish Art Gallery in London (Friedlander 1927, Nr. 79b)


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Oil on wood

Size in cm:

137 x 69 (central panel); 151 x 83 (side-panels)

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Unverferth category:

33 - Ill. 31-33