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Astronomical clock

Three years before Jheronimus Bosch passed away an astronomical clock was placed in the not yet completely finished St. John’s cathedral. This clock would later be known as “The play of the Last Judgment”.

The astronomical clock, with a scene of the three Magi and the Last Judgment, shows us the interrelation of the cosmos as a part of the world and mankind. The reconstruction of this astronomical clock in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center is based on some remaining fragments, chronicles and a few travel journals from that time period. Also practical information has been obtained from existing clocks throughout Europe for example at Münster, Rostock ad Lund. The astronomical clock shows us besides real time, solar time and star time also the Lunar time and the phases of the moon, the zodiac and the position of the moon and sun in the zodiac. There is also a s-called calendar wheel which shows us the days of the week, the twelve months and the Religious Holy and Saint days.

Some fragments of the astronomical clock have been preserved. The two large doors with the portraits of Mari and John the Evangelist are still in the St. John’s Cathedral. 

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