On this database you will find followers of Hieronymus Bosch to from his death in 1516 to the present day. There are hundreds of artists who have been inspired by his particular visual language. They have made sure that there are thousands of works of art are, where you see something back from the world of Jheronmus. A large portion you will find in this database.
You can, of course, the file page for page, but if you are looking for something special, please use the search function with a keyword of the name of a work of art or look for the name of an artist or to the name David location, where you can find the work of art.
At the moment there are registered almost 1100 works of art, but in the future the file will always be supplemented.
Also will attempt the examination of the Followers of Gerd Unverfehrt in the years 1970/1980 to update.
Do you have a comment or a supplement, please let us know.

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