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Wednesday 25 March

Social Design Challenge 2020

The Hay Wagon by Jheronimus Bosch


Greed, grabbing and hoarding.....do you recognize these behaviours?


Did you know that with this huge pile of hay on the wagon Jheronimus Bosch probably meant it to represent a huge pile of

money? In our time now, March 2020 this could also be seen as a pile of toilet paper!

With this painting that Jheronimus Bosch made more than 500 years ago, he is showing how all different people want more hay

and how they are grabbing for it, not thinking about others.


Have a good look at how the people are behaving in this painting.


Choose a person from this painting who interests you and in one sentence explain why. Then "turn" yourself into the person you have chosen. You can

do this by making a drawing or a painting or 'transforming' yourself into this person. Make it into your 'own play', take a picture!


Then make little notes as to how this could have been different. What else could the person you have chosen done? It is important to remember that all of your ideas are good, nothing is too weird or crazy, everything is possible at this moment! Let your imagination run wild. The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center is happy with all of your ideas, each and every one!


Then it is time to put your plan into action! This could be a written note, a drawing or photo of your fantastic invention! Everything is exciting!


Finally, share your project and ideas with your friends in the neighbourhood. Tell them what you are doing and show your family what you are working on. Dont forget to share this with your online chat friends too!

We look forward to hearing what their reactions are!


Please take a photo of what you have made and send it to the attention of Edith Henskens at:




Make sure you give us your name, where you live, the school you attend and which class you are in.


All submissions will be exhibited in the autumn of 2020 at The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center in s'Hertogenbosch

Thursday 12 March


voor het grote publiek tot maandag 1 juni 2020.

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