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Would you like to take home a piece of the wondrous world of Jheronimus Bosch? In our gift shop you will find a range of special objects and national and international literature regarding Bosch and the time in which he lived. In addition, the store offers a variety of figurines, cards, magnets, etc. with beautiful images from Bosch. Are you just looking for a unique gift? Even if you will not visit the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, you are most welcome to visit our store.

Below you will find a selection of the literature relating Hieronymus Bosch that are available in our shop.

Bosing, W., Bosch alle schilderijen, 2013. (also available in English and German)

Fischer, St., Jheronimus Bosch, complete werken, 2014. (also available in English and German)

Grimm, Th.; Dankzij Jheronimus Bosch, complete werken, z.j.

Hoffman, E.; Jheronimus Bosch. Zijn spiegels, zijn verten, zijn scheppers, zijn werken, 2007.

Hoffman, E,; Kijken naar Bosch. Een ontdekkingsreis langs alle schilderijen, 2014.

Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, Bosch and the contemporary Dosh, 2015.

Timmermans, J.W.M.; Astronomisch Uurwerk, Het Laatste Oordeel. Astronomical Clock, The Last Judgement, z.j.

Will Chr.; Tussen Hemel en Hel, 2009 (also available in English and French)

Jheronimus Bosch, his sources. 2nd International Jheronimus Bosch Conference, may 22-25, 2007. Jheronimus Bosch Art Center 2012.

Jheronimus Bosch, his patrons and his public. 3rd International Jheronimus Bosch Conference, September 16-18, 2012, Jheronimus Bosch Art Center 2014.

Ruimte voor Jheronimus Bosch, 2012.

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